Pro-life hypocrisy in South Carolina

S.C. governor wants people executed anyway he can

The governor of the great state of South Carolina, where I was born and raised and am raising my kids, just asked the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals to allow a plainly unconstitutional abortion law to take effect. If the court can’t find its way to allowing the entire thing to take effect, which would essentially outlaw abortion in the state, Henry McMaster wants the court to force doctors to perform ultrasounds to detect what’s known as a fetal heartbeat.

A little background here: McMaster: Abortion order ‘oversteps’ federal power

I’ll let others dig deeply into the technical legal arguments and try to predict what the heavily-conservative Supreme Court will do with abortion next year. I simply want to point out the absurdity of men like McMaster and others who claim to be all about the sanctity of life going all in to abolish abortion on one hand and on the other implementing laws sanctioning the state to murder men in the electric chair or by firing squad. Yes, I said murder because every time a state or the federal government kills someone on death row, it is an a premeditated-unnecessary killing - a murder.

That’s right. In my “pro-life” state led by a “pro-life” governor, the only reason two men weren’t recently put in the electric chair is because the S.C. Supreme Court halted the executions until the state formerly sets up a firing squad. Once that’s in place, those on death row can choose between being murdered by the state in the electric chair or by a bullet from a gun wielded by an armed-agent of the state to the chest.

We know the death penalty does not deter crime. We also know that pro-choice policies are among the primary reasons the abortion rate has fallen over the past few decades, and why it often falls faster under pro-choice rather than pro-life presidencies. That reality was extended through the Obama and Trump administrations. The best argument pro-lifers can make on this is that the falling abortion rate is more complicated than any one administration can control. (Though since the Reagan administration, the abortion rate has fallen faster under Democratic presidents, whatever the cause, meaning at the least Democratic presidents aren’t causing an increased number of abortions and there’s good evidence their policies help decrease the number by implementing comprehensive health care policies.) And that’s absolutely true - yet they routinely vote for politicians who execute people on death row while vowing to never vote for a pro-choicer all the while crying “sanctity of life.”

None of that seems to matter to those who claim to be “pro-life.”

Can anyone explain why?