Is this diversity exercise really 'unspeakably vile'? If so, how?

The Christopher Rufo anti-CRT effect is in play here

I’ve seen a variety of people make statements about diversity exercises they don’t like or disagree with. I get why people disagree or don’t like some (or all) of them. That’s natural. That’s normal. That’s healthy in a democracy.

What I don’t get is when people describe these things in apocalyptic terms when they seem pretty benign to me, or even potentially effective if done well.

Take the video of what some have described as the “Oppression Olympics.”

In the video, you’ll see the claim that this will make these kids hate each other. Really?! How? Why? I sincerely don’t get it. Can someone explain it for me.

I’m not asking you to explain why you disagree with these methods and why you think others might be more effective at driving at the same point. I’m asking you to explain why this is supposedly “unspeakably vile” and should be banned from schools.

Can you?

What do I see? An attempt to help students understand that merit isn’t the only thing that defines their successes, or even their failures. That not all of us have been treated equally. That all of us face some struggles but we all don’t face the same struggles or the same intensity of struggles or have to hurdle the same barriers. That that truth affects individual and social outcomes even if it doesn’t dictate every single one.

Such a lesson, if done well and followed up with deeper discussion, can help students understand the complexities of our humanity, how we are both individuals and members of groups, not one or the other, that it is OK to acknowledge that.

I don’t see why it is assumed students would walk away from such an exercise hating each other - if the entire exercise, including in-depth discussion, is done well. They can walk away better understanding each other. How is that bad?

In this video, I see the effect of Christopher Rufo and others who have pushed the idea that just about any diversity effort they don’t like can be demeaned as dangerous. They’ve sparked a moral panic so widespread that people have lost the ability to reason on issues such as these and reflexively object with anger to things that should not lead to outrage.

At least that’s what I see. What about you?